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3 Areas To Add Landscape Lighting On Your Atlanta Commercial Property

atlanta commercial landscape lighting

When the sun is shining and the day is bright, your commercial landscape is at its visible best. Company signage is polished and noticeable. Turf vistas and hills are trimmed and green. From every patio stone to each parking space to outdoor seating areas, pathways are visible and clean—trash or debris is cleaned up, and nothing is blocking each visitor’s or employee’s passage through the site. When daytime hours cast their light on commercial properties, no landscape flaw can hide, so every inch of the space must look its absolute best.

2014 Trend: More Natural Hardscapes For Atlanta Commercial Landscapes

atlanta commercial landscape hardscape trends

When one thinks of creating a native or natural landscape, the first image that appears in their minds is lots of softscaping, or plant material—flowers and full foliage with lots of textures and aromas blowing in the breeze—a dreamy garden full of luscious plants.

We Speak For The Trees: Why You Should Give Them More TLC

atlanta commercial landscape tree care

Blossoms bursting with color, brilliant emerald green grass, perennials with texture and interest—all trimmed, neat, tidy and meticulous. Visitors coming and going, smiling as they walk past the landscape beds with buds sparkling in the morning sunshine.

Amending Soil On Your Atlanta Commercial Landscape: The Right Way And The Wrong Way

soil amendments atlanta commercial landscape

It’s that time of year again in north Georgia: The temperatures are warming; flowers are blooming; birds are chirping. It’s time for springtime landscape installations, and for many involved in landscape maintenance, that means time for soil amendments.

Atlanta Commercial Property Trends: Big, Bold Color For 2014

atlanta commercial property trend

Color! Landscape color can enrich a commercial property’s outdoor space. Whether we’re talking about beds full of annuals, containers flowing with vivid varieties or smart perennials planted for the texture and interest they provide throughout the season, the right mix of color can provide an extra something that enhances an Atlanta commercial landscape.

The Best Hardscape Materials For Your Atlanta Commercial Landscape's High-Traffic Areas

atlanta commercial landscape hardscape materials

Amidst the softscapes flowing on your Atlanta commercial property — from soft turf and waving ornamental grasses to colorful bursts of annuals and perennials to tall trees and flowering, fragrant shrubs — are the sturdy hardscapes that guide you from place to place on a site and create that textural dimension and variety that make an outdoor environment so interesting and visually appealing.

How to Improve Traffic Flow On Your Atlanta Commercial Property

atlanta commercial property landscaping traffic flow

When you drive or walk through a commercial property, trying to find your way from a visitor parking area to a main entryway or to your final destination, do you ever stop to think there are cues in the landscape that are actually leading you from one place to the next?

4 Spring Prep Tasks For Your Atlanta Commercial Landscape


After the winter Atlanta has had, it’s hard not to want spring to arrive quickly.

Jump Start Spring On Your Atlanta Commercial Landscape With Mulch

pinestraw wood mulch atlanta commercial landscape

So far this winter, Atlanta has seen 5 inches of snow.

How To Manage Spring Flush For Your Atlanta Commercial Landscape

spring flush atlanta commercial landscape

One of Webster's definition’s of flush is “sudden and usually abundant new plant growth.” Most landscapers define spring flush as “the beginning of a long, hard summer."

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